Getting Started

  1. How do I become a professor/scientist/researcher?
  2. What is Computing Research anyway?
  3. In what area of Computer Science is this group doing research on?
  4. What background information do I need to research in this area?
  5. How do I choose a research topic to focus on 1?
  6. How do I choose a research topic to focus on 2?
  7. Where do I look for more information about my research topic/question?
  8. There are so many papers! How do I keep track of them?
  9. How do I read and evaluate a research paper?
  10. How do I actually "do" research?What steps do I take and skills do I need?
  11. I am not good in English writing. How do I improve?
  12. How do I write up my research? (SciWrite)
  13. I submitted a paper to a conference/journal. Will it get accepted?
  14. How do I talk about my research?
  15. Is there a code of ethics in research?

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