Tutorial: How to access the shared P2C storage from an MPI cluster

posted Jan 8, 2015, 10:14 PM by SRGICS UPLB   [ updated Jan 13, 2015, 7:03 PM ]
After creating a cluster, you can access the data from P2C shared storage using the steps below. Make sure that you have been allocated space on the storage. Contact jchermocilla@up.edu.ph if you don't have an allocation. You will be given a folder name which you can substitute for user on the last step.

First install the dependencies.
sudo apt-get install cifs-utils

Second, create a mount point.
mkdir mydata

Finally, mount the share. You will be prompted for a password for mpiuser and samba. user is the folder allocated to you on the shared storage which must be replaced by the one assigned to you. The uid and gid options will mount the share with mpiuser as owner and group so that you can perform read and write operations.
sudo mount -t cifs // mydata -ousername=p2cuser,uid=mpiuser,gid=mpiuser

You can check if the mount was successfull by using the command: ls mydata.

When you are done issue the command: sudo umount mydata.