• Peak-Two Cloud: Scientific Computing on the Cloud (part of CINTERLabs Program)
  • SRG Bots: Exploratory research on drones with emphasis on swarms.
  • Krownet: A visualization platform for data communications and networking concepts.
  • SkyLab: A user-friendly web application for deploying HPC applications on cloud-based MPI clusters. 
  • ICS-OS is an educational operating system for teaching operating system concepts.
  • Parallel FlowViz is a parallel implementation of FlowViz using MPI.
  • FlowViz is a tool for simulation and visualization of Digital Elevation Models.
  • NetSim is a L3 network simulator developed by M. Detras, V. Lee, R. Lacaneta 
  • Peak One Cluster is a beowulf cluster for parallel and high performance computing
  • eMedyx - an electronic medical records systems using smart card technologies
  • ImageLib - image processing library in Java
*Software are provided as is without warranty either expressed or implied.